Double Deluxx Gourmet Beef Jerky

Bag of Original Flavor Beef JerkyWe know how important it is to keep our families and our planet healthy and with that in mind we have created Double Deluxx Gourmet Beef Jerky. A line of beef jerky products made from natural environmentally friendly ingredients. Unlike most of the major brands on the market, which contain unhealthy additives, our beef jerky does not contain any added MSG, Sodium Nitrates, preservatives, or refined sugars. Our jerky is made from All-Natural Beef which is Grass-Fed and finished, not treated with Growth Hormones, never been fed animal by-product feed, and has never been treated with any antibiotics. We offer nothing but natural ingredients working with onions, garlic, fruit juices, and several types of pepper and spices, which contribute to better nutrition and a healthy life-style.



Remember, when shopping for beef jerky online or in the store, be sure your food is beneficial to your health and avoid the risk of consuming foods with inferior ingredients. The label tells the whole story of what is contained in the food your about to eat.

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Unbelievable Flavor

Double Deluxx Beef Jerky is made from solid strips of All-Natural Grass-Fed beef that has never been treated with any Antibiotics or Growth Hormones. We use many organic and kosher ingredients to insure that what you are eating tastes fresh. The marinating process we use for our beef jerky recipes use a special techniques, takes several steps to prepare, and requires more time to produce this tender gourmet jerky. Our process creates a more flavorful experience not found with many other beef jerky products online or in retail stores. Our products contain gluten-free soy sauce, organic raw sweeteners, organic blackstrap molasses, fresh minced garlic, fresh minced onions, and seasonings that are easily visible on each piece of our beef jerky distinguishing our superior beef jerky from the other leading brands. When you taste our tender gourmet beef jerky the robust flavors in our unique marinade process continuously evolves with a savory flavor experience long after the first bite.

Healthier Choice

Our recipes contains a specialized combination of All-Natural Grass-Fed Beef which contains more naturally occurring healthy Omega-3s than corn or grain fed conventionally raised beef. We use many organic ingredients to provide a positive nutritional experience for you and your family. We use Kosher Celtic Sea Salt which is claimed to contain higher levels of vital minerals. Our beef jerky recipes were developed to eliminate all the harmful ingredients you that should avoid in food such as added MSG, specialized food additives, high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, yeast extracts and processed sugars. Many of these ingredients are use by the leading manufacturers in the market today. When shopping for beef jerky it should be mandatory to read the list of ingredients to identify unhealthy additives in the food you are about to eat, so you can avoid them when making a purchase. Providing healthy food for your family is our highest priority and is valued by many of our loyal customers. We provide you with the list of ingredients in our food products so you can be assured you are eating healthy food. You can have a peace of mind that you are giving your family a healthy product with Double Deluxx Gourmet Beef Jerky.

Value for Your Money

Although we use higher quality and organic ingredients along with Superior All-Natural Grass-Fed Beef that is free of Antibiotics and Growth Hormones in our products we are comparably priced with other leading brands without the harmful food additives. However, the most value for your money is what you are not getting in jerky. Think about it? who wants to buy harmful flavor enhancing ingredients in your food such commercially grown beef, MSG, Chemical Nitrates, Specialized Food Additives, Refined Sugars, Preservatives, Yeast Extracts in the food you are about to eat. Purchase any of our Double Deluxx Gourmet Beef Jerky products and see for yourself why our beef jerky is the best value for your money. Shipping is FREE on orders over $75.00 and 100% customer satisfaction is our goal.